Over many years of making print editions we have saved out #1-2-3 of each for our personal collection. We have lately been willing to sell them to people who call for them and will list them here for anyone that may be interested. They are all remarqured at $300.

I do not have reproductions of them to post here, but if you can not find a picture of any one that you would like to see, call me and I will email you an image.
The titles are:
Snow Squall - 1 Winter Marsh - 2 Coming Ashore - 2
Match Makers - 1 On The Flats - 1

All our lithographs are shipped via flat UPS
We do not frame any prints
We do not take credit cards
When ordering, send a check to Chet Reneson for the amount listed on each print plus $10 for shipping. You can email order your order or call 860-434-2806.

Click on any picture to see full detail and prices.

October Afternoon


Shooting Partners

Rising Tide


Northern Birds

Alder Brook

Great Expectations

Back Country

Cold Front